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In a 2011 survey, research company Aberdeen Group found that most small and mid- sized organizations worried about increasing complexity and the range of telecommunications tools and services needed including…
• Landlines
• Smartphones
• Teleconferencing
• Video Conferencing
• Mobile (from data plans to mobile apps and beyond)
• Using the Internet for Social networking, marketing, customer service, and sales
The same survey also showed that as organizations grow they struggle to control telecom costs over the lifecycle of telecom equipment and services, while managing conflicting needs and concerns among departments.

If you expect the telecom providers to guide you through the decision process, take the time to understand your organization’s needs, and then recommend the best package for you…and help you stay on top of your changing needs….we have two words for you:

Fat chance.

Their goals are to baffle you with BS. They gain when you’re confused. They capitalize on the fact that you’re an expert in what you do, not what they do.  And since you’re crazy-busy just staying on top of running your department, managing staff, and serving clients, it’s a safe bet you’re easy prey for them.

How do we know all that?

We’ve worked inside the industry from both sides of the table. We know the games they play.  We’ve heard sales people yuk it up with each other when they got a client to buy a more expensive package then the client needed.

That – frankly – sickens us.

Our Telecom Management (TM) services give you a clear handle on your telecom spend and usage.  We review and analyze all of the separated communication elements your organization is being billed for and help you navigate the sea of communications without getting lost or drowning in overwhelming details. We get to the bottom of what you need to know, including…

  • What equipment and services are you paying for?
  •  How are you using each of those services?
  •  Are you using all of the services you’re being billed for, or is there wasted spending?
  •  Are vendors charging you for services they’re not providing? (an estimated 80% of telecom bills are wrong – every month)
  •  Does better technology exist to fit your communications needs and budget?
  •  Which vendor provides the best service for your money?

Once we get to the bottom of things we then help you make informed decisions. It’s in our best interest to have clients that understand the language of the industry and understand what they’re paying for.

We know you don’t care about the techie details we geek-out on. That’s ok. We specialize in demystifying the topic, keeping things simple, and helping you choose the right package for your business.

At Opticom, we offer the full spectrum of services from every reliable provider, providing you access to every leading service. We have relationships with over 60 of the top-tier suppliers including the big brands like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T, as well as those smaller companies only telecom insiders like us know about. (You may not have even known there were other – perfectly reputable telecom providers out there.)

We know the full spectrum of choices and use our deep industry knowledge and pitbull-like tenacity to negotiate the best technology at the best price based on your needs and your budget.

And we don’t leave you hanging when we’ve solved your problems. We provide close the gap between you and your telecom service provider with our customer-rated, outstanding support.…

Maybe you’d just like to get a handle on your telecom needs and services and see if there’s an opportunity for savings. Click this link to check out our Telecom Expense Audit services…

Opticom Consulting is able to provide you with assistance for a variety of Telecom projects and issues.

  • Telecommunications System Planning– OptiCom builds forward-looking Telecommunications Plans for our clients. Our Telecom Plans take into account how you operate your business today and how you plan to operate your business tomorrow. It enables you to make system and service decisions today while still being optimized for the future.
  • Telecom System RFP– When it comes time to purchase or upgrade your current telecommunication system, Opticom can help you understand the bewildering array of options and make recommendations on the features and functions you need and which ones you don’t need. We can run the RFP process for you, bringing in multiple vendors and help you negotiate the best deal while building a system to handle your future needs. And we help you choose between hardware-based and hosted solutions so you have the tools you need to do the job right.
  • Vendor Selection– The problem with the RFP process for telecom is you get quotes and proposals that you really don’t understand. If you are already in the middle of an RFP process or would just like to understand which offer is best for your business, OptiCom Consulting can work backwards from your business needs and help you choose the best from the options in front of you.
  • Voice and Data Network Planning – With the convergence of data and voice the choices for services has increased considerably. Which service fits your organization the best?  Opticom can assist in understanding the choices and help you to make the best decision.
  • Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps – Your clients want to reach you whenever and wherever they are when they decide to search for information. Your business must be easily accessible 24 / 7 or your potential clients will turn to a competitor. We started providing these services after we were tired of watching vendors rip their clients off by selling them sites and apps that all look alike. You need and want a site that builds your brand and gives your clients what they need.

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