Who We Are


Opticom Consulting

is a certified women-owned business. We started in 2003 as an independent consulting firm focusing on serving businesses and non-profits.

A study by research company, Aberdeen Group, showed that organizations with less than 500 staff members are often taken advantage of by the large telecommunications providers because of their inability to negotiate lower rates, monitor telecom bills for accuracy, contact the telecom providers to correct the billing mistakes made, monitor and manage telecom and mobile equipment and services needed, and match organizational growth with the appropriate technology.


Our firm’s mission is to…

Help you efficiently manage your human and telecom resources so you can provide the best service to your clients and the best technology to your staff.

We do this by…

  • Auditing your telecommunications needs and your spending to spot wasted spending and eliminate it. This allows your staff to do the work they do best and not waste their time (and your compensation dollars) by getting tormented by the telecom provider employees.
  • negotiating the best deal in all areas of telecom including office lines, cell phones, tablets, broadband Internet access, and the ever growing array of technology that falls under the heading of telecommunications
  • managing your telecommunications needs including tools, systems, and data usage


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