Asset Management


Many organizations are struggling to understand the assets that they own and which contracts cover which assets. Our process will give you a clear picture of your assets.


Your assets need maintenance to stay productive, but most organizations have dozens of contracts covering hundreds of assets. Imagine having ONE contract to manage ALL of your assets.


Employees spend hours every week just searching for the equipment they need to provide services. Imagine knowing where your assets are at a glance.


Knowing which assets need service or maintenance at any given time can be frustrating. Imagine that your assets can notify you when they need maintenance, service or replacement.

Equipment Maintenance Program

Consolidates current service agreements into one agreement.

As today’s organizations become more sophisticated, the importance of properly covering equipment becomes increasingly critical. To manage the post-warranty risk of equipment maintenance and repair, many organizations purchase individual service and maintenance contracts. While these service contracts extend the life of your original investments, they don’t have to be purchased from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

A Comprehensive Approach

Managing your organization’s diverse assets has always been fractured, not just by organizational lines, but by each functional organization that needs to use them every day.  Our approach gives you one place to track all of your assets and one number to maintain them.

Real Time Asset Tracking

THINaër helps companies manage their inventory of critical assets in real time to deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost per interaction. Real-time asset tracking to find anything from people to products to physical assets. Immediately see what you have and where it needs to be, using predictive analytics.  It also requires NO WORKFLOW CHANGES – it fits seamlessly into your existing environment without disrupting people or processes.

New Predictive Analytics

  • Powered by IBM Watson
  • Get answers and new insights to make informed decisions in minutes
  • Smart data discovery in the cloud
  • Generate data using current and historical proximity information
  • Make “Your Things” even smarter by pulling in surrounding meta-data such as maintenance cycles and last maintained dates

The Power of One

  • ONE – Consolidated agreement to manage.
  • ONE – Billing date for better financial forecasting.
  • ONE – Online portal for easy access to service histories.
  • ONE – Number to call for all of your maintenance and service needs.

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