For cell phone users in Manhattan or the bay area, this report may come as no surprise.  AT&T has had highly publicized problems in these highly populated areas with dropped calls for iPhone users.  What is really surprising is that AT&T ranked consistently last in 17 other cities, which suggests that AT&T’s problems are more widespread than they would have everyone believe.  The survey also suggests that the iPhone has stretched AT&T’s network capacity beyond its limits and while iPhone users love their phones, they hate the service.

Expect Verizon to have a field day with the results of this survey, and clearly this is more grist for the argument that Verizon should carry the iPhone.  While rumors have been persistent that Verizon will get the iPhone at some point, it is not clear that there is any truth to those rumors.  Verizon will be offering the iPad next year, but for now it appears that the iPhone is stuck on the AT&T network.

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