AT&T recently touted the arrival of their own 4G LTE network, but the contracts for the new service contain some fine print that might be disappointing for some users.  The new contracts apparently limit the uses of the 4G network to the following: “Data sessions may be conducted only for the following purposes: (i) Internet browsing; (ii) email; and (iii) intranet access.”  This covers only what the older phones can do and it does not include apps or any of the really cool things like making VOIP calls, using Skype, streaming audio or video, remotely accessing a home PC, accessing cloud services, or any of the thousands of things that such apps enable.  For the record, there is no such limitations on either Verizon’s or Sprint’s contracts that we know about.  This may reflect AT&T’s hard-won experience with the introduction of the iPhone, but it also might reflect that AT&T has not built out the capacity in their 4G offering that the other vendors have, and with the potential scuttling of their deal to buy T-Mobile, they might not have the spectrum bandwidth to offer more.

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