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As objective telecommunications consultants, Opticom can offer a range of services to help businesses make informed decisions in the complex field of telecommunications and information technology.  Our primary service is Telecom Management Consulting, described in detail on the Telecom Management Consulting page. This service allows the client to choose from a range of options for telecom services based upon the overall fit of the technology with the client’s needs and budget. We also help businesses and nonprofits keep up with the ever shifting Mobile carrier plans and devices with our Mobile Management Service.  We help clients managing a complex mobile environment with an array of reports, managing adds, moves, and changes, as well as identifying excessive or zero usage.


In addition to our primary focus on the management of telecommunications services, Opticom can offer our clients advice in any facet of telecommunications, from the equipment at the client’s site that delivers that service to the end user to cloud-based hosting and technology services. 

The IT industry has changed dramatically in the last five years and much of the software that used to reside on users’ PCs is now delivered as a service over the Internet. The convergence of Information Technology and Telecommunications is turning the software industry into a utility, allowing companies to choose their applications at will from among suppliers and operate that software seamlessly anywhere in the world. Opticom is right in the thick of that industry transformation and we are helping our clients choose, negotiate pricing, and implement communications and information hardware and services.

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