Businesses and consumers have come to expect world-changing (or at least market-changing) technology at an Apple product introduction, so it’s no surprise that many people were disappointed with Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 4S yesterday.  It had been widely rumored that Apple would be introducing a phone branded the iPhone 5, which would support 4G network speeds on LTE or WiMAX, but instead, Apple introduced an upgraded version of the iPhone 4.  Global information company IHS believes that the 4G-capable iPhone 5 is more likely to arrive in late 2012 or early 2013.  Some of the Apple faithful are happy that the new version of the wildly successful iPhone 4 now sports a new dual-core processor, borrowed from the iPad 2, or that it now includes a voice activated digital assistant named Siri, but it is clear that given the high expectations for yesterday’s announcement many people came away feeling a bit disappointed.  Whichever camp you personally belong to, it will be hard to admit that Apple’s lack of a credible 4G offering gives a real boost to Android phone makers, and apparently the financial markets agree.

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