I recently purchased an iPad and I have been pretty amazed at the number of ways that the device has become really useful.  I have to admit that I pretty much considered it a toy for home and not a real business machine until I learned how valuable instant-on and cloud integration could be to a busy business owner.  Now it seems that the iPad is coming back home and making good on a promise by the late Steve Jobs, that “Apple had cracked the code for TV.”  And it all has to do with the interesting ramifications of Airplay (which is a feature that I need to try out now).  If the author of that article is correct, then Apple isn’t focused on bringing out a line of HDTV’s with interesting new capabilities, although it appears that they may do that as an adjunct to their main thrust in television.  Rather, the author believes that Apple is going to concentrate on the fact that HDTVs are awesome display devices and they are available in lots of places where we use them all the time.  It’s more likely that Apple will come to market with devices to make your current HDTV capable of working with the TV Apps that already exist on your iPad and other Apple devices.  This way, you can have the great experience you already have with your iPad and share it with everyone else in the family through your TV.  Pretty darn good idea.

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