For anyone who’s ever tried to manage data plans for a group of phones or aircards, this may come as really good news.  Verizon announced today that they are considering offering Family Data plans that would allow groups of users to share data plan megabytes in the same way that Voice users can share minutes.  Aircards are notoriously difficult to manage because for much of their life, they sit in a desk drawer, while month after month the data plans go unused.  Then suddenly (and typically right after you’ve decided to reduce the plan to a lower tier), someone goes traveling and racks up Gigabytes of usage, cost hundreds of dollars in usage charges.  For smartphone users the problem is similar, you typically pay for way more data than you actually use.

There is currently nothing in the press release today concerning aircards, but if they are included, it would be a huge boon to companies who use that service.  Stay tuned for more information.

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