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You can’t afford to be without the best telecommunications systems and tools in your organization. Without the right telecom systems and technology your team can’t get their work done, your clients don’t get served. Telecom providers count on your being confused and overwhelmed about your choices. You’re an easy mark for them. That leads you to spend more than you need to and put up with lousy service because you’re afraid that if you rock the boat you’ll make things worse. We think that’s wrong. That’s why – as people who’ve actually worked for and with the providers every day – we leverage our telecom industry experience to make sure our clients get the best service, prices, and equipment possible.

Opticom is Client Focused

Opticom Consulting is a certified women-owned business. We started in 2003 as an independent consulting firm focusing on serving businesses and non-profits.

A study by research company, Aberdeen Group, showed that organizations with less than 500 staff members are often taken advantage of by the large telecommunications providers because of their inability to negotiate lower rates, monitor telecom bills for accuracy, contact the telecom providers to correct the billing mistakes made, monitor and management telecom and mobile equipment and services needed, and match organizational growth with the appropriate technology.

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We review and analyze all of the separate communication elements your organization is being billed for and help you navigate the sea of communications without getting lost or drowning in overwhelming details. We get to the bottom of what you need to know, including…

  • What equipment and services are you paying for?
  • How are you using each of those services?
  • Are you using all of the services you’re being billed for, or is there wasted spending?
  • Are vendors charging you for services they’re not providing? (an estimated 80% of telecom bills are wrong – every month)
  • Does better technology exist to fit your communications needs and budget?
  • Which vendor provides the best service at your locations for your money?

Once we get to the bottom of things we then help you make informed decisions. It’s in our best interest to have clients that understand the language of the industry and understand what they’re paying for.

Our Clients





According to research company, Aberdeen, Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM) “…requires both focus and subject matter expertise.”

Two things the average organization doesn’t usually have.

GeorgeAnne and Dan knew they could help organizations optimize their telecom equipment and services while ensuring the organization pays the best rate.

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