About Us

Having the ability to step out of the everyday grind of business administration so that you can see the big

picture can be very difficult for even the most strategic thinkers. Opticom’s Telecom Management

Consulting services give you the fresh perspective you need in order to look in from outside the box – in

your own business. We pull together all of the separated communication puzzle pieces for your

organization and help you navigate the map of communications created when we fit together the

completed puzzle.

Opticom was formed in 2003 as a consulting firm focused on the needs businesses and non-profits,

helping them to navigate through the complexities of modern telecommunications systems and to make

informed decisions among the many available options. From the start, Opticom was envisioned to be a

different kind of telecommunications consulting company, an advocate for our clients best interests

rather than a simple pricing service. For more information on what makes us different, please see the

Why We’re Different page.

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