Cybersecurity Quick Solution Assessment

Do you know where you stand with Cybersecurity?

A Cybersecurity Quick Solution Assessment will let you know where you stand today and give you some ideas for your next steps.

Where Do You Stand Today?

In this assessment, we find out a little bit about your organization, where you operate and in what industry you operate.  Then we ask about any steps that you have already taken to protect your business or nonprofit. With this information, we can assess your current cybersecurity posture.


Where Do You Go From Here?

At the end of the Assessment, you’ll have a good evaluation of your organization’s Security Posture, which is how well you are currently defended.  You’ll also have an idea of which regulations you might be subject to.  With this  information, we can make suggestions on what you should probably do next and where to find it.

Schedule your assessment today.

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There isn’t a simple, one-size-fits-all cybersecurity solution for everyone. Every organization and every situation is unique.  You need to assess your organization’s current security posture and decide what next steps you should take to protect yourself from cyber criminals.

Opticom has been helping businesses and nonprofits make technology decisions since 2003.  We help organizations like yours: small and mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and social service agencies with multiple offices and a hybrid workforce.

We have developed a short, 20-minute questionnaire that we call the Cybersecurity Quick Solution Assessment.  This assessment is conducted over a Zoom call and there is no cost or obligation.  We will make recommendations about steps you can take to make your organization safer from cyber crime and we will provide vendors that can provide these services.


We are also publishing a book on cyber resilience called "Cybersecurity for the Rest of Us." It's a book for non-technical people who want to learn how to stay safe from cyber criminals. We will explain some of the ways that criminals get your data or lock up your files. Then we will talk about some strategies and everyday habits you can adopt to make yourself and your business safer from these attacks. Also, remember that no defense is ever perfect, so you need to be prepared and have backup plans in place if the bad guys get past your defenses.

You can learn more about the book at: