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What our Clients have to say about us …

Angela Garcia, Deputy Director Global Links

Thank you so much for all of your “above & beyond” efforts to assist in Global Links relocation and settling into our new world headquarters. We could not have achieved such a smooth move-in without all of your herding and “encouraging” the providers and vendors to do the right thing in such a quick turn-around.

Mark Bondi, President/CEO Sherwood Oaks

We are a very busy and fast growing continuing care retirement community that concentrates on the well-being of our residents. When we were approached by GeorgeAnne, we welcomed the opportunity to have our telecommunication services reviewed by an independent party to help us make informed decisions and handle negotiations on our behalf. What we found was a team of experts who focus on the financial welfare of their clients while sustaining or even improving the quality of service needed in their telecommunications.

Dean Phillips, Director of IT Sherwood Oaks

We are delighted to have chosen Opticom Consulting to help us analyze our telecommunication invoices, systems and network.  You have addressed several problem areas for us and offered quality solutions.  Knowing that I could trust you to coordinate implementations, monitor our invoices for billing accuracy, and follow-up with vendors, allowed me time to focus on other important projects.

Gary Bell, CFO Milestone Behavioral Centers

Opticom has saved Milestone tens of thousands of dollars, organized our phone system for over 40 sites, and continues to assist Milestone with all of our telecommunication needs. With all the funding reductions in the last few years, finding savings in your day-to-day operations is essential and Opticom will help you achieve that goal.

Patti Burke, Human Resources Manager Great Lakes Textiles
I juggle lots of responsibilities as office manager and HR manager for my company and dealing with our telecom provider had become almost a full time job for me.

We had worked with a vendor who provided similar services, but they weren’t easy to deal with. When I first met with GeorgeAnne I immediately felt confident that she’d be able to do what we needed her to do.

Working with GeorgeAnne and Opticom makes my life easier in many ways. She honors my preferred way of contact. I never have to worry because she just handles whatever I give her. I don’t have to follow up with her.  GeorgeAnne and the Opticom team are extremely reliable. They’ve helped us handle several moves and GeorgeAnne gets us the best price wherever our office is located.

I really believe that GeorgeAnne has our best interest at heart. She’s very ethical and honest and I trust her completely. The best part about working with her is that she knows how to deal with these telephone companies and can speak their language. I don’t know how to talk to them and I certainly don’t have the time to learn. Dealing with them is incredibly time consuming. She goes after them and doesn’t give up.  I knew I wanted to get the best price but I didn’t even know I could negotiate to get a lower price.

She’s saved us a lot of money and I never have to deal with the phone company again. I love her.

She’s lowered my stress level and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

A few of our current (and former) clients.

  • Alexander Mills Services Inc.
  • Arch Masonry
  • Brazos masonry
  • Cape Regional Medical Center
  • Chelsea Building Products
  • D.B.Root & Company
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Studebaker Metals
  • The City of Linwood
  • The University of Pittsburgh School of Health Sciences
  • Veteran’s Leadership Program of Western PA
  • WYEP


  • Five Star Drywall
  • Franjo Construction
  • Force Inc.
  • Furntiure Galleries
  • Gage Personnel
  • Global Links


  • Great Lakes Textiles
  • Gtech Strategies
  • Lutheran SeniorLife
  • Lutheran Society Services
  • Maher Duessel
  • Mobile Medical Corporation
  • Milestone Behavioral Centers
  • Neighborhood Legal Services – Laurel Legal Services
  • Osterhout Disability Law
  • Pine Tree Wellness Center and Spa
  • Pittsburgh Eye Associates
  • PLEA
  • Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery (POWER)
  • Precise Inc
  • ServiceMaster Supreme
  • Settlements, LLC
  • Shadyside Inn Suites
  • Sherwood Oaks
  • Sitko Bruno
  • SMC Business Councils
  • Sosh Architects


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