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Customer Unservice

The pay structure at firms like Comcast apparently force their reps to get customers off the phone quickly and to retain them at all costs, or risk losing part of their paycheck.

Is Your Bandwidth Ready for the Cloud

Is Your Bandwidth Ready for the Cloud

Cloud computing is transforming businesses across industries by delivering hosted services through the internet. However, if your business doesn’t have a suitable bandwidth, your new Internet-based services will not be reliable.

Plain Old Telephone Service In the All-Internet World

Plain Old Telephone Service In the All-Internet World

According to this article from, an Astroturf group is pushing an AT&T agenda to deregulate telecom business as consumers now rely much more on the use of smart wireless devices, cellphones, wired Internet-enabled VoIP services, and over-the-top...

Technology Planning Matters a Lot to Nonprofits

Technology Planning Matters a Lot to Nonprofits

Technology can be a large investment for a nonprofit - but it can also be a significant cost savings if you plan it well. Regarding The Techsoup blog's article, What's Involved in Technology Planning, technology planning can benefit nonprofit businesses by leveraging...

Another Development in the End of the Telephone

Last week, Facebook added the capability to make Voice over IP (VoIP) calls to its Messenger App for the iPhone.  Using this feature, iPhone Facebook users can now make free calls to other Facebook users using a data or Wi-Fi connection.  What makes this interesting,...

The Telephone Network is Dead, Or at Least Obsolete

We've talked about the possibility of an all-IP telecom network before, but the move to total IP telephony is starting to gain some traction.  Two months ago, AT&T petitioned the FCC to allow it to kill the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in favor of an...

Here Come the MVNO’s!

Sorry for the long posting delay ... running a company and staying up on the news is tough, but a lot has happened in the time since the last post. Today's topic is the MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator.  If you read the blog periodically, you might have seen an...

This is how Apple will do TV

I recently purchased an iPad and I have been pretty amazed at the number of ways that the device has become really useful.  I have to admit that I pretty much considered it a toy for home and not a real business machine until I learned how valuable instant-on and...

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