What is SD-WAN?

This is the first post in a series that we are doing on an exciting new technology available for business called SD-WAN. This first post is to give you the definition of SD-WAN and what applications it can have for your business. We will be posting articles on the various types of SD-WAN, how they work and what sorts of problems they solve.

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Verizon Decides to Throttle Video Streaming

In somewhat of a surprise move, Verizon Wireless has decided to start throttling Video streaming on their popular unlimited plans.  Basically, they’ve turned one good unlimited plan into three bad unlimited plans.  They are introducing three new unlimited plans: Go Unlimited ($75 for the first line), Beyond Unlimited ($85 for first line), and Business Unlimited,

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Three Telecom Mistakes Most Organizations Make During a Merger

Mergers and Acquisitions have long been a fact of life in corporate America, and increasingly they are a fact of life in the nonprofit sector as well.  Reading the news about the recent merger between Kraft Foods and Heinz to create Kraft Heinz Co., is a reminder that Telecom is a topic that doesn’t always get the attention

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What is VoIP?

For this post, the seventh installment in our Telecom Tip Tuesdays series, we are going to get a little technical.  We are going to spend the next few posts talking about subjects that are a little confusing, but have a lot of impact on how we will communicate with each other throughout the next quarter

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