Telecom Tips

What is VoIP?

For this post, the seventh installment in our Telecom Tip Tuesdays series, we are going to get a little technical.  We are going to spend the next few posts talking about subjects that are a little confusing, but have a lot of impact on how we will communicate with each other throughout the next quarter …

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FiOS vs. Cable

Should I use FiOS or Cable Internet access for my business?   In this post today, the third in our series of Telecom Tip Tuesdays, we are going to compare the two most affordable forms of broadband – FiOS and Cable.  You may not have heard this, but last week the FCC changed the definition …

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Telecom Tip Tuesdays

We’ve heard a lot of questions in 12 years. What is using my mobile data? How do I manage my mobile data use? What is VoIP? Do I need VoIP? Is Cable Internet or FiOS better for me? This series will answer these questions.